Founder, Mindful Healing
Kausar has been awarded ``Intuitive Life Coach`` 2018 by 44th India Achievers Seminar

What We Do?

Counselling and Psychology Services
Kausar addresses areas Emotional Counselling,Education Stress Counselling,Work Stress Counselling,Student Counselling
Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions
Kausar's Intuitive Life Coaching sessions helps clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.
Clinical Hypnotheraphy and NLP sessions used in many ways
Going from feeling like a victim of your mind/thoughts to mastery over the Training your mind to be more focused and present Noticing negative, limiting, analytical thoughts of the mind and releasing them and so on.

Daily Prayer Schedule

Globally integrate functional testing procedures and 2.0 outsourcing. Monotonectally mesh market positioning outsourcing and scalable services. Interactively grow turnkey value before backward-compatible networks. Uniquely communicate.


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Our Services

Intuitive Life Coaching
Kausar's Intuitive Life Coaching sessions helping clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.
Experiential Well being workshops
We deliver best practice experiential models of mindset training and tools to improve well being in all measures.
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Your Subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind!
Mindfulness at Workplace
Kausar is deeply interested in your personal story and she will join with you in a unique counselling dialogue and mindfulness training.
Personal Counselling
We are also open to engage in personal counselling of employees under a corporate framework.
Therapeutic Mindful Yoga
Kausar is an internationally certified Yoga Master Practitioner and truly believes in sharing her skills with people for their holistic well-being.
What our clients say?

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