About Kausar

Kausar believes in the continuous process of creating a life that is infused with joy, beauty, creativity and passion. Her healing work is a process that brings profound experiences to each individualshe works with. Every session is completely unique and relies on an individual’s personal intention.

Her Intuitive Life Coaching sessions helps to assist and facilitate in healing, growth, and transformation.

She is a qualified Counselling Psychologist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Her Journey

Kausar is also an Engineer and has been in Corporate life for 12 years in the IT industry. She was always a very conscientious child focussing on her studies but at the same time try to liberate her soul by getting out of the comfort zone. Each time she went out of the comfort zone, she achieved in understanding something more and deeper about herself. This phenomenon started while she was a child and kept continuing while she was in the IT industry.

Her childhood was filled with much joy, laughter, and adventures and was also fraught with fear and challenges. Looking back, she likes to think these challenges were an early initiation into the complexity of humanity at large and the deep ocean of human emotions. Unknowingly, it helped prepare her to transform.

Experiences, beliefs and abilities that she felt all her life began to come into focus. Pieces of the puzzle started to come together. One thing she was consciously doing was that she never resented the challenges thrown to her and went with the flow of life accepting it as her life-path. Maybe this was the right thing to do to be able to assimilate into the real-life purpose one day. She has seen this transformation happening in her own life and she is the right person to guide any individual on a transformational journey.

Her Approach

She does an in-depth analysis of your situation and delivers an empowering and positive outcome based on the specific needs. She uses a range of her skills to guide you through obstacles in the past which may be holding you back at the present.
Kausar will not make decisions on your part but will encourage you to make choices for yourself without her being judgmental about you. Her aim is to provide you with as much of information as you need to walk away, feeling clearer, stronger and lighter, and even more in tune with your path and purpose.
Kausar is a firm believer that self-empowerment and self-awareness is the key to living life to the fullest.
Kausar has been devoting her services towards Old age homes, Orphanages, HIV positive kids.
Her Clientele spans from Corporate executives, Celebrities and people from all walks of life.
She has developed a passion for helping people and has a genuine interest in her clients.


To help people transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities.


Enhanced self-awareness.
Resolution of core issues and lifelong patterns of personal struggles.

Her Philosophy & Why should You See Me

Life is a mystery, a journey that is full of bends, highs, lows, and unfamiliar paths. However, as mysterious as life may be, nature does not leave man without clues and guides to lead man to the right direction. Every person is unique and has the nature that is peculiar to them. As much as he has his unusual path, which may not be clear to him, he can get help about making the right decision during life’s crucial moments.

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