Eswari (August 10, 2017)

I greatly enjoyed the session and found it to be extremely on-point and enlightening. Thank you for all your insight and warm words of encouragement. I felt yesterday’s consultation feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You are truly gifted and i am very grateful for your services.

Rahamath Rahamath (June 10, 2017)

She is awesome

Neha Agrawal (October 02, 2015)

Great job Kausar! 🙂

Amar Sindhwad (March 8,2017)

She is amazing, she intuitively connects to the situation in question and gives clarity, I have been taking regular guidance from her

Vishal Singh (May 16, 2013)

I have been coming to Kausar for getting Counselling for few years. Initially I started it as an experiment to see what comes out of the session. Since then I come whenever I am confused and want a confident advice. I have reached out to Kausar also during emotionally draining periods and each time I come out more relaxed and confident of handling it better.

Suganya Muthuswamy ( April 14,2017)

Kausar is awesome 🙂 . Her Counselling sessions are great. I known her for the last 2 yrs plus now and also recommended few of my friends. She is very prompt and never misses her appointment time of her clients. Very polite humble friendly and at the same time she is very clear and straight at thing’s that need to looked into.May God always bless her with good health and wealth.

Anu C ( Feb 2, 2017)

She is very sincere and helps you from the heart. Her sessions are very comforting. Not someone who will tell you what you want to hear alone . She consults honestly and sincerely

Swati Bhilwaria ( July 19,2017)

Recently in the past i just i had few bad experiences and i was very much unstable and hurt, so one of my friend has just recommend me so i thought i just try for a session. My health was on so low that i have been trying many sort of things but nothing was working so well. When first time i decided to go for the session i was very skeptical but after meeting Kasaur it was an amazing experience , she helped me figuring out many areas of life.These days lifestyles are so chaotic that we lose our self and just we need a right person to get us back on track. if you have a lot of confusion and chaos you should definitely visit her without giving a second thought. Believe me she is amazing.

Aashita Singhania ( June 16,2017)

very nice and relaxing… had a lot of queries , got answers, got a direction most importantly. feeling very calm and happy. i surely do recommend her if u have problems and looking for a direction. thanks.


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