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Mindful Healing on application of Clinical hypnotherapy and NLP in treating Habits and Addictions

Humans are naturally creatures of habit.  Our habitual behaviours develop in the subconcious and typically are related to simple activities that are designed to assist our every day functioning without us having to take too much conscious notice of what we are doing. A key stimulus for learning relates to the experiences of pleasure and […]

Mindful Healing on how important is to direct Desires

One never really gets to the point in their life where all desire goes away. Quite often we hear older people saying I don’t have desires any more. I beg to defer. You do have desires. You just no longer desire what you use to desire. You have new desires. As you mature your desires, […]

Mindful Healing on treating Anxiety, Depression,Insomnia,Obsessive compulsory behavior,Self confidence

  Quite often the personal stress that we create for ourselves is by the way we think and feel about our selves and how we look at life. Usually we know the external symptoms that we wish to free ourselves from, but we often do not know the underlying causes. Even when we do know […]

How Counseling Psychology Is Going To Help You | Mindful Healing

Counseling Psychology is a branch of clinical psychology and it deals with detailed study of the difficulties faced by people across various walks of life and to guide them in facing such problems to come out successful. The counseling psychologist needs to be a good listener, highly patient and must have cognitive problem solving capabilities. […]

Mindful Healing Book your appointment today on Clinical Hypnotheraphy

“Do you want to overcome unhealthy habits, negative emotion that could be destroying life?” Get Clinical HYPNO THERAPY Sessions WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY? Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for self-improvement and/or the release of problems. When it comes to changing habits or behaviours regulated by the subconscious, there is nothing faster than competent hypnotherapist to […]

Mindful Healing on controlling our Subconscious mind

What is the Subconscious Mind? Sometimes mind is confused with the physical brain,its functions,and objective consciousness but that is not the definition of mind referenced here.The Subconscious is you when you are not in control of you. In my opinion, it is the REAL you. It is the autopilot of human consciousness. The subsconscious mind […]

When are you aware of the effects of meditation?

Affects of meditation come not from prolong practices rather more from quality practices. Sitting for long periods in meditation not necessarily produce result if the meditator does not know what he or she is doing. There will be benefits from this but not significant. When a quality meditation practice is observed consistently then progress starts […]

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