Mindful Healing on how important is to direct Desires

One never really gets to the point in their life where all desire goes away. Quite often we hear older people saying I don’t have desires any more. I beg to defer. You do have desires. You just no longer desire what you use to desire. You have new desires. As you mature your desires, the focus of your energy, change causing you to leave old desires and create new ones. But we are always desiring something or another. To live without desire is impossible. The goal is therefore to learn to direct desire.

One way to direct desire is to identify all your needs and wants. Needs are items that are non negotiable. Examples of needs are food, rent, vacation (if you are a hard working individual then it is good to take time out for yourself and with your family), utilities, etc. These are not really even a desire rather more a necessity. But it is still good to list them as sometimes we categorize some wants under needs.

Wants on the other hand are desires. Are your wants under your control? It’s ok to have wants. Too many wants however lead us to have a very scattered life. Our energy gets scattered and when this happens it is much more difficult to gather enough will to manifest things in our life. A rewarding life is a concentrated life. To lead a more focused life keep your wants to a minimum. Clearly discriminate between your needs and wants. By doing so you will be able to direct your life in a much more focused and rewarding way

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