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Counseling Psychology is a branch of clinical psychology and it deals with detailed study of the difficulties faced by people across various walks of life and to guide them in facing such problems to come out successful. The counseling psychologist needs to be a good listener, highly patient and must have cognitive problem solving capabilities. Some people across societies have difficulties in facing certain situations in life, obstacles in life, loss of loved ones, failure, resist change and have a host of other problems in their life. Such problems become monstrous for them and it starts affecting their personal and professional life. Here, counseling psychologists come to the rescue of such people, they will listen to the difficulties and problems faced by their patients and will guide them to tackle these obstacles in their own way.

Right Diagnosis

  • The patient’s entire life history is gathered and studied for to access the right cause of hindrance in the patient’s life.
  • Views of the kith & kin, colleagues & friends are collected to point out the stress causing factors in the patient’s life.
  • The patient can discuss in detail regarding personal, health, professional and life problems with the counseling psychologist and it will be kept completely confidential.
  • Work/life balance of a patient is studied for to find the root cause of his/her problems.

Methods of Treatment

  • Counseling psychologists hold individual, group and family sessions with the near and dear ones of the patient to assess the real root cause of the problem and stress causing aspects of his/her life.
  • Crisis management is one more way of treatment, where the counseling psychologist guides the patient to come out of any crisis at hand and come out of trauma caused by the crisis.
  • Clinical supervision, counseling meetings, psychological tests, coaching and training are some other methods of treatment.

Ambit of Treatment

  • Counseling psychologists deal with behavioral problems of school going children with problems at both home and school.
  • They also treat aged people with issues of retirement and with health-related problems.
  • Adults having difficulties in marriage, professional life, obstacles, family life and health issues also come to counseling psychologists to solve their problems.
  • Adolescents with substance abuse issues, difficulties with school work, and problems from bullying also come to counseling psychologists for help.

Benefits of Counseling Psychology

  • The person going to counseling psychologist will become more self-aware, self-confident and brave to face the outer world with vigor.
  • If a person dreams about something and is finding it difficult to achieve, then counseling psychologist will help the person in having goals, direction and confidence to achieve them.
  • For a career oriented person, if achieving something in professional life is difficult then counseling psychologist will guide the person by giving career guidance to shape his/her career.
  • A student wanting to perceive a better academic option and having difficulties in moving further can get help from counseling psychologist, who will give academic counseling.
  • People suffering from health issues will get clinical solutions to their problems and courage to face the difficulties from counseling psychologist.
  • Married couple facing difficulties in married life can approach counseling psychologist to solve their problems.
  • Schools have their own counseling psychologists to solve the problems of the school pupils by providing them effective counseling.
  • People who resist changes in life like old age, retirement, change of work, change of home, parting of loved ones need to be guided by counseling psychologists in overcoming their resistance.
  • Corporate world also needs counseling psychologists for giving counseling to their employees to overcome work stress, increase stability and achieve work goals resulting in higher productivity.

So we can infer that counseling psychologists are an integral part of modern urban life. People suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological and health problems can get the help of counseling psychologists to solve their problems and help them in leading a healthy, successful and stress free life.

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