Mindful Healing on How we make Law of Attraction work for us is our Responsibility?

Responsibility is the Key to deep and satisfying change. Responsibility is a key in expanding your belief that you are in fact the creator of your experience at any given moment.

The amount of responsibility that you accept is the exact amount of creation ability that you utilize for your experience.

To be completely responsible for your experience is to know that without a doubt, that the Law of attraction is at work at all times and in harmony with your Inner-Beings broader intentions.

It is operating whether you consciously participate or not.
In addition, the free will that is inherent in the human condition is unconditional. You are free to do anything, be anything, and believe anything in any way it pleases you.

The Law of attraction says that everything is energy and like energy attracts like energy. Therefore, everything in your experience is always a vibrational match to your beliefs and thought feelings, like it or not!

Free will is the right to experience the result of all your thought feelings, words and actions, so that you will be able to experience the results of your choices. When your feeling experience does not match your desire you are in the vibrational gap of where you are and where you want to be and you do not yet believe fully in your desire.

In order to have, you must first be of vibrational match. To change any experience that you do not want, you must take responsibility for what your currently vibrating (feeling/thinking/believing) which is not a match to what you are wanting.

Then you must choose to “feel” the essence of the way you want to feel now, and to think the thoughts that trigger those feelings now. Your reality is never about someone else’s thoughts, words, actions etc. They are only a mirror of your current point of attraction as is your health and wealth.

You will ALWAYS be tested to remember to choose to feel the way you want to feel now, and to really feel what it is you must live in the matching thoughts.

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